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At Jumpgate, we partner across different industries to create targeted XR (extended reality) projects that look to new value propositions enabled by the evolving technology. Our approach is simple: we start by understanding the real-world needs in different fields, such as targeted training applications or stakeholder engagement, and then work with our partners to explore whether XR can bring value and what's the right course to chart. 


We believe in the potential of XR, but we're more interested in practical solutions today. How can XR be useful in different situations? Why would this project be better in XR rather than on a smartphone or workstation? And most importantly, we want to make sure our XR projects solve real-world problems.

Our work covers a wide range of applications, from virtual site visits in infrastructure development to providing enhanced training that's suited to immersive learning, including critical decision-making and situational awareness.

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Centre for Advanced Training Systems, University of Newcastle 

Jumpgate developed Tactics VR, a Virtual Reality Medical Workflow Training tool that uses flexible, evidence-based workflow optimisation training tools that are designed for healthcare professionals. Learn more at:
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Performance Edge

Centre for Advanced Training Systems, University of Newcastle

Development of a virtual reality-based stress management training tool for researches at the University of Newcastle 

Visual Impact Assessments

Gerry Wedd, Gabriella Smart, Mark Patterson

Jumpgate's sister company, Convergen, specialises in animation for infrastructure, and over the past 10 years, has supported over 50 green energy projects across Australia / NZ. Visualising future infrastructure is an important part of the development process, and visual impacts assessments are critical for stakeholder engagement, design, and approvals. Jumpgate has developed immersive XR tools for projects to help take visual impact vis from 2D to 360, which also translates to virtual site visits and induction applications. 

eCrime Engagement Project

SA Police

A targeted VR game that helps teach children of different ages and parents about online risks and eCrime . 
WebsiteImages_0000s_0006_AFL Umpires.jpg

AFL Umpire Training

Australian Football League

Development of a custom LMS and content management system for targeted training for AFL umpires. Works have included both online and VR components.
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Telstra AFL VR Lounge


Development of the Telstra AFL VR Lounge, one of the first of its kind in 2016. Subsequent works have included production of content at AFL Grand Finals and unique behind the scenes experiences. 
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